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Global-Roam Pty Ltd



This information service has been brought to you by Global-Roam Pty Ltd.

Global-Roam is a software company that has been (since 2000) serving a broad range of companies and organisations in the Australian energy (electricity and gas) markets.

  • We help them lower their costs, reduce their stress and increase their revenue
  • We do this by making the energy market clearer for them.

We’re based in Brisbane, and serve clients located across the east-coast of Australia (plus some stakeholders located in different companies around the world that use our products to keep an eye on energy in Australia).

Our client base is diverse – and includes wholesale participants (generators retailers and traders) and other stakeholders (government departments, energy users, consultants, investors, investment banks, network companies, equipment suppliers, etc…)

On the page linked here we list a number of articles referencing the involvement of Global-Roam in Demand Response.