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Ergon Energy


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Ergon Energy distributes electricity to around 700,000 homes and businesses across regional Queensland. Ergon Energy is owned by the Queensland Government, and is part of the Energy Queensland group which includes Energex. .

Ergon implements a range of activities to manage demand on its network – both on the network side (for example, network augmentation) and the consumer side (incentivising customers to reduce demand on the network).  A detailed outline of how Ergon implements effective demand management (of which demand response is one tool to achieve that outcome) is outlined in the Demand and Energy Management Plan, which is in line with the demand management approach outlined in Ergon’s Regulatory Proposal 2015-2020.

New opportunities for managing demand, which may include a demand response solution, are communicated to customers and the wider market in two ways:

  • When we propose to establish a new, large distribution asset to address a constraint, Registered Participants and Interested Parties are invited to offer alternative solutions that satisfy the Regulatory Investment Test for Distribution (RIT-D);
  • When demand is forecast to increase, we may offer incentives to end customers to reduce their demand on the network during stated network peak times. An interactive map shows current and further incentive program areas.

Further information on Ergon demand management activities, contact Ergon on 1300 550 766 or email to demandmanagement@ergon.com.au.

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