WDRM commences on Sunday 24th October 2021

It’s Sunday 24th October 2021 and the new Wholesale Demand Response Mechanism (WDRM)  – perhaps better understood as a Centralised Negawatt Dispatch Mechanism has commenced.

On Friday 22nd October the AEMO noted:

“This Sunday, 24 October, the National Electricity Market (NEM) Wholesale Demand Response (WDR) Mechanism will commence operation.

AEMO wishes to thank all stakeholders who have participated in the development of the mechanism.

Changes within NEM systems and processes to support the change include:
– All Market Ancillary Service providers (MASPs) are now Demand Response Service Providers (DRSPs) with respect to their ancillary services loads
– DRSPs are able to classify, aggregate and dispatch WDR units in real time and WDR DUIDs will be included in predispatch, dispatch and ST PASA processes.
– DRSPs have access to the new Portfolio Management System on the Markets Portal to facilitate management and change of their WDR portfolio.
– MSATS participants will see a new DRSP role filled against any market load/NMI classified as a WDRU through the standard CR process
– Settlements will occur between DRSP, AEMO and FRMP on at the NMI level. As well as updated invoicing and settlement reconciliation report line items, new reports to reconcile WDR transaction amounts at the NMI level are provided through the data interchange and published in alignment with settlement runs.
– New private reports to FRMPs and DNSPs are provided through the data interchange daily, and can be subscribed to in settlements direct, with details of relevant information on NMIs that are classified as WDR units.
– The WDR Guideline (noted here … not to be confused with the AER’s WDRM Participation Guidelines) and WDR Baselines Eligibility Compliance and Metrics Policy (discussed on WattClarity here) are published and in effect.

Further information can be found on the AEMO website, with a new structure to appear from Monday.

Materials related to the ongoing operation of WDR will be located at https://aemo.com.au/energy-systems/electricity/national-electricity-market-nem/market-operations/wholesale-demand-response.

Material related to the development and implementation of WDR will remain here. “

… with some emphasis, and additional links, added by us.

Over on WattClarity we will be keeping an eye on what we can see, in terms of market activity (participation, outcomes, and so on…)

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