AER releases WDRM Participation Guidelines – just prior to the start of the WDRM

Adding to the flurry of last minute activity just prior to the start of the Wholesale Demand Response Mechanism, on Friday 22nd October the AER released its Participation Guidelines for participants bidding WDRM who will start bidding Negawatts into the AEMO’s dispatch processes on or after commencement on or after Sunday 24th October 2021:

The Final Decision

(about the Participation Guidelines)

Participation Guidelines

Here’s a brief (13-page) Final Decision – which followed on from the earlier consultation process from March 2021:

Here are the 17-page Participation Guidelines themselves:

Note that the AER’s WDRM Participation Guidelines should not be released with the AEMO’s own WDRM Guidelines published back on 25th March 2021Both will need to be addressed by participants!

As the AER noted on Friday in this communication release, the AER’s Participation Guidelines:

“… to be enforced by the AER, make clear the record-keeping and information retention requirements

of businesses who register as Demand Response Service Providers (DRSPs).”

… and also (I note) addresses the question:

“Whether additional guidance or information from the AER may help DRSPs to understand their bidding obligations

We’ll look forward to seeing how the bids unfold from Sunday 24th October 2021 onwards … including in our up-coming Generator Statistical Digest 2021 publication … and update on the GSD2020 and GSD2019.

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