AEMO opens Demand Response Service Provider registration

On Thursday 24th June 2021, the AEMO opened registration for Demand Response Service Providers (DRSPs).  We received an email about this, as would have any other WDR stakeholders known to AEMO.

Organisations who wish to apply for registration for this new market participant category can find the application form on the AEMO website:

As part of the upcoming changes, participants who are classified as Market Ancillary Service Providers (MASP) will transition to the DRSP category, and no applications for MASP will be accepted after 1 September 2021.

The commencement date for the Wholesale Demand Response (WDR) mechanism is 24 October 2021.

It will allow large energy users (or aggregations of energy users) to bid a reduction in demand into the National Electricity Market against their ‘baseline’.

1)  The AEMO have developed this webpage here to assist potential DRSPs in assessing, preparing, and participating in the wholesale demand response mechanism.

2)  Also worth noting that Linton Corbet posted aboutPotential Tripwire #3 When is a load not a load?‘ over on WattClarity on Friday 18th June in relation to how WDRP bids are being dealt within inside of NEMDE.  Recommended reading!

We’ll watch with interest to see how this transition unfolds.

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