AER publishes latest Notice of Consultation and Issues Paper as part of WDRP Guidelines

Earlier this month the AER published the “Wholesale Demand Response Participation Guidelines – Notice of Consultation and Issues Paper” document.


To remind our readers, the AEMC passed a rule change in June 2020 which set out the establishment of a Wholesale Demand Response Mechanism which is due to take effect from the 24th of October 2021.

In the latest update in this process, the AER has now published this Consultation and Issues Paper on the Wholesale Demand Response Participation (WDRP) Guidelines – these guidelines seek to specify the relevant information that Demand Response Service Providers (DRSPs) must retain to comply with National Electricity Rules (NER) obligations.

In the Final Rule Determination, the AEMC notes that the purpose of the relevant information retention requirements is to assist the AER in its market monitoring role (as the information should allow DRSPs to demonstrate compliance with their obligations) and to assess whether the DRSPs meet their obligations in relation to bidding when they are baseline non-compliant, or when they will be, or are likely to be, spot price exposed.

This Notice of Consultation and Issues Paper provides interested parties the opportunity to comment on and inform further development of the WDRP Guidelines.

The deadline for submission on this paper is Friday the 23rd of April, 2021.

The table below highlights some key dates in the rule change process:

15th Nov 2018

AEMC invites submissions on 3 different proposals

18th July 2019

AEMC publishes 1st draft rule

18th March 2020

AEMC publishes 2nd draft determination

11th June 2020

AEMC passed rule

5th Feb 2021 Submissions closed at AEMO on Baseline Eligibility
Friday, 23 April 2021

Submissions on this due to AER

24th Oct 2021

New participation category starts

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