Case Study – Cold store in Brisbane earns revenue from Demand Response in 2015

This PG Energy customer  operates a cold store in Brisbane and has an electricity consumption requirement of 500-600 KW .  The customer also has a 1,200KW back up diesel generator on site.


On the 5th March 2015, Brisbane experienced a high demand for power and consequently several high pool prices occurred (described separately here).

PG Energy was able to  dispatch the generator within 30sec from its Melbourne office.

Due to its synchronous nature, the site never lost power and operated as normal.

The generator not only allowed the site to avoid high import prices but due to the larger size of the generator was able to export and earn generator revenue.

When the high priced event passed, the site returned to mains power and was able to take advantage of low average pool prices on imports.


About our Guest Author

SanjayKhushalani Sanjay Khushalani is the General Manager of PG Energy, a specialised Electricity Retailer offering wholesale market access to large electricity users within the NEM (National Electricity Market).

Their outlook is simple, to provide a unique service catering to large market customers and small capacity generators over and above the options currently available in the market. Their services encompass both the trading of electricity and regulatory offsets including GreenPower and environmental certificates.

Further background to Sanjay can be found on Sanjay’s LinkedIn profile .