ABC’s Catalyst reports on the ‘battery power revolution’

I was on holidays at the time but one of the others in the team pointed out ABC’s Catalyst show featuring the emergence of the Reposit Power model of providing Demand Response in the NEM by coordinating between residential energy users and their retailer (Diamond Energy is named).

The trial of the Reposit Power model is being funded through a $445,000 grant provided by ARENA, with further details provided by ARENA here:

The episode’s presenter, Dr Jonica Newby, visits the Manning household, early adopters who are the first family in Australia to use Reposit Power’s software to monitor their batteries interaction with the grid:

“Of course, individuals can’t bid into this wholesale market directly, but their power company, Diamond Energy, is using their battery power and has agreed to pay the Mannings accordingly. And while their Reposit software is currently out in front, other similar models will follow in time.” and goes on to state “Battery storage can help manage one of the key ingredients of the switch to renewable power. As more renewables come into the system, that influx of intermittent power makes grid management ever more complex.”


Reposit Power Screenshot3Reposit Power Screenshot4