Jemena publishes Stage One of two RIT-Ds

Jemena has recently published Stage One, the Non-Network Options Report, of two Regulatory Investment Tests for Distribution (RIT-Ds).

The purpose of the RIT-D is to rank various distribution investment options and identify the option that will maximise the present value of net economic benefit to all those who produce, consume and transport electricity in the National Electricity Market. In accordance with the RIT-D requirements of the National Electricity Rules, these Non-Network Options Reports describe:

  • the identified needs, which are in relation to the Flemington Electricity Supply and the Sunbury-Diggers Rest Electricity Supply;
  • the potential credible network options that may address these identified needs; and
  • the technical characteristics of a credible non-network option to address the identified needs.

These reports are an initial step in Jemena’s engagement with non-network proponents in addressing the identified needs in relation to the Flemington and Sunbury-Diggers Rest electricity supply.

Both reports are now available at Jemena’s website on the electricity network planning page.