Essential Energy and ISF to develop online network opportunity maps for Demand Management and Renewable Energy

Essential Energy is working closely with the Institute for Sustainable Futures (ISF) at the University of Technology Sydney to develop online interactive maps with key information of network constraints and planned investment to enable an open market network planning and investment approach to addressing network constraints with the aim of implementing least cost solutions in order to lower cost to customers. With such data presented in an easy to read format and in the public domain it is hoped Essential Energy will attract greater interest from proponents of non-network alternatives to address network constraints whilst educating customers on network augmentation requirements to meet network peak demand.

The maps will facilitate:

  • Implementation of least cost solutions through a market driven approach to address network constraints
  • Greater visibility of network constraints and investment data that can be accessed by any member of the public

The purpose of the maps is to inform customers and proponents of non-network alternatives on the potential value of reducing peak demand in different parts of the network. The final version of the maps (scheduled for 2017) may help identify where it offers the best value to invest in renewable energy and demand management technologies and services within the electricity grid.

By providing this information, the project aims to build the market for these decentralised energy resources and reduce costs for all consumers.

The three year project is led by the Institute for Sustainable Futures (ISF) at the University of Technology Sydney.