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Energex response to ‘cost benefit assessment of the demand response mechanism’ consultation paper

Neil Anderson, on behalf of Energex Limited, has penned this open letter to the Department of Industry. Mr Anderson stated “Energex continues to support efficient demand side participation as part of our approach to operating an efficient network, improving asset utilisation and load factors and providing better value to our customers”.

Given the short time frame for the reviewing and responding process, Energex were unable to provide a detailed analysis of all aspects of the proposal. Energex did however address the key question “Are there other relevant policies that should be considered?” with the response “Yes, the Bidding in Good Faith Rule Change put forward by the Minister for Mineral Resources and Energy (South Australia). The outcome of this Rule change process may influence the capability of the DRM to function effectively in the market. Any decision regarding the DRM should also take into consideration other key Power of Choice policy initiatives currently under development, including those relating to pricing reform, competition in metering and embedded generation. Coordinated and appropriately prioritised policy development is essential to achieving efficient outcomes.”

The original report compiled by Oakley Greenwood can be found here.

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