AusNet Services release DMIA Annual Report 2013

AusNet Services have released their 2013 DMIA Annual Report. AusNet Services were awarded a $3 million ($600,000 per year) Demand Management Innovation Allowance (DMIA) by the AER for the 2011-15 regulatory period. As a condition of the DMIA, AusNet must release an annual report outlining the total amount of the DMIA spent in the previous regulatory year, an explanation of each demand management project or program for which approval is sough, a statement signed by the director of the DNSP certifying that the cost of the DM program, and an overview of development in relation to projects completed in previous years of the regulatory control period.

The report outlines AusNet’s initiatives and outcomes from the DMIA:

  • Residential Battery Storage Trial
  • Grid Energy Storage System Trial
  • Mallacoota Sustainable Energy Study
  • Solar Forecast Uptake Study

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