Energex launches PeakSmart air-conditioning program

Energex has launched it’s PeakSmart air-conditioning program. The program will allow users to reduce peak demand by capping their energy consumption for short periods over summer. Households and businesses who install a new air-conditioner are eligible to be rewarded up to $500 by connecting it to the PeakSmart program. Customer’s who sign up to the program are provided with a signal receiver which is connected to the air-conditioner unit on installation. During times of peak demand, a signal is sent from Energex to the unit which caps it’s energy consumption.

Customers can claim up to five rewards (per premise) for any type of PeakSmart enabled air-conditioning unit. These rewards include:

– A $150 reward for units with a cooling capacity less than 4kW

– A $250 reward for units with a cooling capacity between 4kW and 10kW

– A $500 reward for units with a cooling capacity of 10kW or more

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  1. Article does not explain exact times of peak demand so it is difficult to decide if Peaksmart would work for my lifestyle. Article also does not say what cap is applied to energy usage or if the signal receiver can be retrofitted to existing airconditioners.

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