WDRM commences on Sunday 24th October 2021

It’s Sunday 24th October 2021 and the new Wholesale Demand Response Mechanism (WDRM)  – perhaps better understood as a Centralised Negawatt Dispatch Mechanism – has commenced. On Friday 22nd October the AEMO noted: “This Sunday, 24 October, the National Electricity…

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AEMO opens Demand Response Service Provider registration

On Thursday 24th June 2021, the AEMO opened registration for Demand Response Service Providers (DRSPs).  We received an email about this, as would have any other WDR stakeholders known to AEMO. Organisations who wish to apply for registration for this…

AEMO publishes WDR Guidelines

On Thursday 25th March 2021 the AEMO published their Final Determination on the WDR Guidelines (which starts operating 24th October 2021). Here’s where you can find them.