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United Energy launches Summer Saver Trial

United Energy has invited it’s customers (in selected areas) to participate in a voluntary trial – The Summer Saver Trial is aimed at helping residents in the trial area to reduce demand on their local electricity network. Participants who take part can…


New rules for a demand management incentive scheme

On Thursday last week, the AEMC announced a final rule to the demand management incentive scheme with the aim to “encourage electricity distribution networks to make efficient decisions in relation to network expenditure, including investment in demand management.”. The rule…


Pitfalls of Demand Management for the Domestic Electricity Consumer

On Monday, engineering consultant Mervyn Davies posted this article on WattClarity outlining the pitfalls of several different potential demand management schemes. In his article he contrasts and compares Time of Use Demand Tarriffs, Time of Use Energy Tariffs and Controlled…


AEMC requests public submissions on rule change

The AEMC has asked for public submissions from stakeholders on the draft rule change requests from the Total Environment Centre (TEC) and the Council of Australian Governments’ Energy Council (COAG Energy Council). “The draft rule, if implemented, would amend the…