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November 2013

AEMO publish detailed design of the “Negawatt Dispatch Mechanism”

AEMO has published a report presenting the detailed design of a Demand Response Mechanism (DRM) and Ancillary Services Unbundling (ASU) arrangements. The Standing Council on Energy Resources (SCER) tasked the AEMO with developing and implementing the DRM and ASU in consultation with relevant parties within the industry.

Greensync wins demand response contract with Ausgrid

Greensync has announced that it has entered into agreement with Ausgrid to administer the Ausgrid Dynamic Peak Rebate Program to it’s commercial, institutional, and industrial customers. “When called upon, customers will curtail energy use during dispatch periods, and are paid for their participation.” Greensync stated. Through the cloud-based GreenSync PortfolioDR™,…

Endeavour Energy release results of PeakSaver program

In their 2013 annual report, Endeavour Energy reflected on their PeakSaver residential DM program which was implemented in the Rooty Hill Zone Substation supply area. The PeakSaver program (which allows customers to manage their own consumption for financial rewards) was implemented alongside CoolSaver – a program that controlled peak demand…